project no. : 0013
title: children soccer center
place: siythemba, south arfica
status: competition
date: oct04
honorable mention

The challenge is to seek the design solution for new soccer center on Siyathemba field which participates fully in its local building traditions, textures, climate, landscape and community. The facility consists from an open lounge for people gathering, two cylindrical changing rooms for providing privacy and a seating colonnade for watching a game. The building sits on elevated terraced base for viewing. Existing topography should be carefully applied to it. Exterior wall employs double layered vertical louver of gum poles, spanning densely and rhythmically to shade inside room as if in the forest. This louver supports a single shed roof which collects rain water to the back. As for the sloped seating zone, horizontal louver provides brighter shade. 6-meter building height is considered for the dramatic effect of enclosure inside room and for the thermal control below its thin roof. Two cylinders function as hollow columns to keep an entire light framing rigid. Hopefully, soft skin for example of thatching grass could wrap the entire building around to provide proper darkness. That costs additionally R200,000 for 360 sq. meter. This strict linear plan is advantageous to future expansion, upgrading or downsizing of building according to the change of financial situation.