Hiroyuki Niino, born in 1969 Kanagawa Japan, studied architecture at Meiji University and received Master degree in 1996. Subsequently, worked for a large residential project at an architecture firm in Tokyo. In 1998, Hiroyuki has moved to US and researched Architecture and Urban Design at Harvard University Graduate School of Design in Boston. In 2000, graduated with the degree of Master of Architecture in Urban Design, consecutively he joined Rafael Vinoly Architects in NY working as one of the project architects for Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, Medical Research Laboratory at UCSF and California NanoSystems Institute at UCLA. During working those projects, Hiroyuki has trained and developed facade design skill. In 2003, Hiroyuki has returned to Japan and founded Hiroyuki Niino Architecture and Urbanism based in Tokyo. He has participated in various architectural projects such as residential, commercial, healthcare buildings located both in Japan and in foreign countries. Through his career, Hiroyuki has been involved in architectural design education and taught at several schools, developing the expertise in computational design field especially in BIM.


Hiroyuki Niino Architecture and Urbanism (HNAAU) is a Tokyo based architectural design firm founded in 2003. We establish the practice in search of new possibilities in architecture and urbanism through multidisciplinary studies and research. Our design process explores options and strategies that draw emphasis on adaptive potentials, open-ended solutions, and future prospect. That is, we strive to achieve a forward thinking architecture, unbound by its pre-determined value, function and materiality. While being innovative, we believe that architecture should be rooted in the indigenous context. It is essential to utilize architectural design as a mean to rejuvenate and reconnect to the existing environment, ecology and culture.


At HNAAU, we value communication and collaborative efforts among clients, consultants and contractors. With positive and professional attitude, critical mind and fresh vision, our endeavor will accomplish our and clients' goals.

Architecture, Interior and Urban Design
Residential, Commercial, Clinic, Office and Furniture
Computational Design
Design Research on Architecture & Urbanism
Hiroyuki Niino, Principal Architect
Hiroyuki Niino